Wyldewood Cellars

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  • Wyldewood Cellars WWCMulvane.jpg

    Address: 951 E 119th S., PO Box 45 Peck, Kansas, 67110 United States
    Phone: 316-554-9463
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    Region: Kansas
    Size: Very Large
    Open to visitors: Yes
    Open On:
    Jan 1 - Jan 1:
         Sunday: 12:00PM-5:00PM
         Monday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
         Tuesday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
         Wednesday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
         Thursday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
         Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
         Saturday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
    Closed On:
    Apr 4 - Apr 4  Easter Jan 1 - Jan 1  New Years Nov 25 - Nov 25  Thanksgiving Dec 25 - Dec 25  Christmas

    Features: Family friendly, Store, Busses, Limos, Picnic area, Banquets, Weddings, Romantic

    Types of wine: Fruit Fruit, Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Chambourcin, Red Pinot Noir, White Blends, White Chardonnay, White Gewurztraminer, White Traminette
    Website: http://www.wyldewoodcellars.com
    Email: christine@wyldewoodcellars.com
    Proprietor: Dr. John Brewer

    Description: The largest and most Internationally Awarded winery in Kansas - with over 500 International Medals. Awarded the "Best Non-Grape Wine in North and Latin America", and official wine of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Specializing in fruit and berry wines, with Elderberry as the signature line. All sweetness levels from the very dry to the fortified (Port-Style) dessert wine. Over 51 wines to choose from - including many grape varieties, as well as the fruit and berry wines made from the actual fruits and berries - not flavored. Free Tastings, bus & group friendly, lots of parking, & a large gift shop - featuring old-fashioned style jellies and syrups, as well as Pure Elderberry Concentrate - for your health. Family owned and operated - with four tasting rooms in Kansas.

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  • Private Wine Tastings


    A fun event to give or share with family and friends! Your host is Dr. John Brewer, a professional International Wine Judge, Winemaker and Founder of Wyldewood Cellars Winery. After a tour of our production facility, you will learn about tasting wines, wine styles, sweetness level, how wine is made, and how to buy a good wine. Get answers to all these questions and more! We take the mystery out of wine and make it FUN.

    You will pair appetizers, salad, and petite desserts with our internationally award winning wines to prove that good wines is one that tastes good to YOU.This is not a meal, but about two hours of fun, food, laughter and samples of several great wines. This is a great event for anniversaries, date night, birthdays, bachelorette parties, showers, girls' night out, and many other occasions.

    Reservation Details:

    Our Private Wine Tastings are by reservation only, and are regularly scheduled on Saturdays at 6:30pm or any other days for groups of six or more. Call for reservations, 316-554-9463 and ask for Beth Brewer or contact her below. Let us guide you on your wine adventure! It will be a fun and infomative event. $25.00 (plus tax) per person

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  • Other

    Elderberry Proprietors Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red

    Retail Price: $18.00

    no photo

    Done in a Cabernet Style, more oak, more elderberry.

    Traminette - Traminette - White

    Retail Price: $15.00

    no photo

    Estate grown white grapes, spicy aroma.

    Elderberry Semi-Dry - Pinot Noir - Red

    Retail Price: $12.00

    no photo

    2% residual sugar.

    Elderberry Dry - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red

    Retail Price: $12.00

    no photo

    Done in a Cabernet Style, more oak, more elderberry.

    Caberney Sauvignon - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red

    Retail Price: $21.00

    no photo

    12% alcohol, oak aged, red grape.

    Cabernet Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red

    Retail Price: $49.95

    no photo

    Aged in French oak barrels for 3 years, higher in alcohol, a California style Cabernet.

    Green Devil (Jalapeno) - Gewurztraminer - White

    Retail Price: $13.00

    no photo

    VERY HOT WINE! Great for cooking, not recommended for most to drink. Use in your cooking as a reduction sauce for many dishes.

    Elderberry Dry Reserve - Fruit - Fruit

    Retail Price: $13.00

    no photo

    Dry, like a pinot noir, no residual sugar.

    C3 Cato Creek Chamourcin - Chambourcin - Red

    Retail Price: $13.00

    no photo

    Estate grown, red grape.

    Chisholm Trail - Blends - White

    Retail Price: $13.00

    no photo

    White grape blend.

    Chardonnay - Chardonnay - White

    Retail Price: $15.00

    no photo

    White grape, a delicious dry white wine. Great taste with little bite.

  • Region:  Kansas

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